Earning my Stripes Bead Dreams Polymer Clay Winner 2015

Earning my Stripes

polymer clay necklace

Second Place winner Bead Dreams Polymer category 2015


Ta Moko Bead Dreams Polymer Clay Winner 2015

Ta Moko 

Bead Dreams Polymer Clay Third Place Winner 2015

Polymer clay, carved, resembling Ta Moko, carved tattoos of the Maori people


Zen Cairn Bead Dreams Polymer Clay 2016

Zen Cairn

2016 Bead Dreams Polymer Clay Finalist

carved polymer clay stacked stones



Bead Dreams 2014

I was absolutely honored to get TWO of my polymer clay pieces accepted as finalists in this years Bead Dreams Competition, at the Bead and Button Show.  There were only six polymer pieces accepted, so to have two of them be mine was huge! 

Here are my pieces that made it in.

Sea Swept is a Set consisting of a necklace, brooch and ring

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