About Me / Bio


Who am I?  (beyond Staci Louise Smith)

I am someone who almost cannot breathe when I take in amazing art. 

I am someone who will play a song over and over again to hear the amazing lyrics, or the way the drums accentuate the words. 

I am someone who has to touch things. 

I am someone who deeply appreciates art, beauty and diversity. 

I am someone who feels peace with her feet in running water, or toes in the sea and wind in her hair. 

I am someone who doesn’t care what you had for dinner; I want to know what sets your soul on fire. 

I am someone who talks to dogs, smiles at birds and sings to herself any chance I get.

What do I do?

I make stuff. 

I create with a passion that comes from deep inside. 

I trust my intuition and go where it leads,

whether it be making jewelry, painting, sculpting, drawing, print making or block printing on fabrics. 

What inspires me?


What will you find in my store?

You will find jewelry. 

Intense and bold, screams your name jewelry. 

Soft and protective, loving jewelry. 

Modern Ancient, like it was excavated with bare hands jewelry.  

Components made by hand, gemstones of energy, sea glass made new.

Treasures brought together with wire and fire.

You will find art. 

Block prints, lines and texture tell a story prints. 

Altar bowls, ceramic havens for your precious treasures bowls. 

Wall art.  Mixed media, carved, painted, must be on my wall art. 

You will find bags, dyed colorful like your spirit, block printed with intention bags.

You will find treasures.  Something that speaks quietly to your soul.  Something that was made for you. 


Staci has been creative for all of her.  She could often be found drawing or writing poetry as a child.  As a teen, she dabbled in some basic jewelry making and polymer clay.  She has never lost her love of creating.

She has been making jewelry on a professional level for about 14 years- learning and adding new techniques to her work with each passing year.  She creates unique components in bronze, silver, copper, polymer clay and ceramic and combines those pieces with gemstones, sea glass and fossils.  She focuses on balance among asymmetry in her designs, because it mimics life in all its chaotic beauty.  Bringing many different components together in harmony is what she wishes for everything, from her jewelry designs to this world we live in.  She allows the creative energy to go where it wants, like a channel flowing through her into each piece.  Her designs are intuitive, and she knows that each piece comes together with someone special it is meant for. 

Each piece is made with love, peace and a little kick ass.  Maybe something was made just for you.