I offer a couple online classes.  

My newest class is with Craft Art Edu, and I just love it.  It's a fun class, packed with technqiues and you can watch a free preview of it before purchasing!

It's called Gold Rush: The Rustic Crackle Technique

You can view the preview or purchase it here


You learn the secret to making that highly textured crackle, as well as painting techniques, like my other surface crackle technique.  It is packed with things you can use in many new ways!

There is also a FREE CLASS on Craft Art Edu on how to make and paint these fun beads!

You can take that here http://craftartedu.com/polymer-clay/polymer-clay-free-classes/staci-louise-smith-water-on-mars-easy-molds-for-unique-beads

I also have a class on CraftCast- The Painted Polymer Talisman Class

In this class you learn to make the beads, paint them with my techniques and assemble a fun and assymetrical necklace