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Belle Armoire Jewelry Summer 2014

This is a special issue for me. I have two polymer clay articles included in it.

The first is a pair of earrings that shows my scratch off technique.

The second is using liquid and translucent polymer to embedd wire into earrings.

Bead Design Studio April 2014

I was honored to make the cover of this issue.

My article Tribal Urchin Necklace is one of my favorites


Belle Armoire Jewelry Summer 2013

Features a polymer clay article by me, on making organic donut shapes and forming them into necklaces

Belle Armoire Summer 2013

Features a collaborative article: Genea Beads and myself

Belle Armoire Jewelry Fall 2012

This issue includes an article by me about my Artfully Adjustable neckaces, and a bold piece titled Fall into Boho

Belle Armoire Jewelry Spring 2012

Butterflies and Chains article by me and in the Boutique, a Sea glass necklace called Salvadged Sea Glass

Belle Armoire Jewelry Summer 2012

Features my article on balancing beads on eclectic bracelets and a Colaborative Project done by Love my ARt Jewelry that we all got to be a part of

Belle Armoire Jewelry Fall 2012

My Rustic Bouquet Necklace is in the Boutique section, featuring a great focal by Lisa Peters art

Bead It Today October 2013

An article on how to make my boho hoop earrings