Chakra Necklace Class: A Journey Through Me

Chakra Necklace Class: A Journey Through Me


THIS CLASS WILL BE TAUGHT IN PERSON IN KIMBERTON PA.  This is NOT an online class.  Please only purchase if you can be there in person.

I have always loved teaching people jewelry making techniques, but there was a part of me that also wished to go a little deeper with the teaching.  I want to teach you all about art, about design and mostly how art can transform us and teach us about ourselves.  Art can be very meditative, and it can reveal to us insights about ourselves.  Art is also empowering and I think there is nothing more magical that we can do than the act of creating.  We can infuse our intention into our work.  We can create pieces that bring joy, make us feel like a bad ass, or make people think.  Art is magical and I want to tie all that together in this series of classes.

In this class:

Chakra Necklace Class: A Journey Through Me

IN this 2 hour class, we will discuss energy and chakras and what each chakra is responsible for in our bodies.  You will then do a guided meditation focused on our chakras.  After that we will take a little time thinking about what we desire for ourselves and which chakra is responsible for that.

We will then learn to make either a chakra pendant or bracelet, you get to choose.  The class is designed to show you the basics, and allow you creative freedom.  Pictures show just a few ideas of what you can make in this class.  

The really awesome part is that as you make your piece, as each color that co-ordinates with that chakra is added, you can add your intention or prayer for yourself, for that chakra into the piece.  So not only will you be making a piece of jewelry for yourself, but you will be creating a talisman with special meaning as a reminder areas that you want to strengthen in yourself.

The class also allows for some freedom of creation.  I will show you a few different styles for your pieces, and you can chose one that best suits you.  You can even create your own.  I want you to go home with a piece that is personal to you, because art is personal.  

The cost of the class is $75 and covers materials for one piece.  Additional kits will be available if you want to make both a bracelet and necklace, or if you want to make more than one piece.  Additional kits will be $22 each.  You only need to bring wire cutters and two pairs of pliers.

Class is non-refundable.  If for some reason you cannot make the class, this class fee can be transferred to another class, or, I can send you a print out of everything covered in class plus the materials.

If the weather doesn't co-operate, class will be re-scheduled.

Please ensure your email is correct so you can receive the reminder emails and updates.

This class will be held on January 28th at 11am.

Location is at My Earth Angel in Kimberton PA

11 Prizer Road Kimberton PA (gps may use Phoenixville as the city ILO Kimberton)

You can download the PDF file, it has a summary of the class, it has all this info on it, and it also states what you will need to bring to the class.